A 10-Minute Cardio Workout a Day On Recumbent Bike Is Enough?

Fitness is one crucial moment of everyone life. In every individual life, time or a moment will arise when they are forced to go for a workout and then they regret their past mistakes. We have seen people who usually say “I have finally realized the meaning of fitness and the benefits, but it’s too late for me.”


When you reach a certain age, and you fulfill the importance of the fitness, then it will too late for you. The reason why you workout after so many years because you either suffering from ailment or cholesterol. According to the survey conducted by the fitness expert said that most of the seniors who are working out in PARKS or GYMS are newbies and they have started recently.

A 10-Minute Cardio Workout

In many cases, people reach close to their dream after years of work hard. Some of the achieve within five or six years. No matter who you are and where you work but fitness is an important aspect of your life because it helps you to keep on the move in even after you reach old age.

Those who don’t maintain their health collapse faster than they can imagine and it usually ends up with resignation and then sitting at home. So instead of wasting time and focusing more on the work, you should use your spare time to workout. The exercise will help your senses stay faster and active for years. It also keeps your mind sharp which is essential after you turn 30 or so.

10 Minutes Of Worth It?

The number of minutes of workout equals to benefit. The ten minutes of exercise would vary from people to people because the age and the weight matters.

Age: If you are someone who is 30+ then you should consult a trainer so that you can get the right advice for your everyday workout. If you are someone who is above 50 then walking is the best choice for you. Half hour walk is the cheapest and safest way to stay fit.

Weight: It does not matter if you are young or old because the weight plays a crucial role in your health. Several people are suffering from heart ailments and obesity, and you should consult a doctor before you could start working out on a fitness machine.

A 10-Minute Cardio Workout On Recumbent Bike

If you are an average person “Weight below 154LBS” who is working out every day, then 10 minutes is more than enough. However, with time you better increase the time to 15 to 20 minutes. Increasing workout duration helps your body keep up fitness even further.


Recumbent bike sole purpose is to serve the users who are unable to take on the intense workout.  If you are someone who is suffering from Ailment, Obesity, and asthma, then you should go for the recumbent bike, which has a lower impact on your body. Let us know your experience with the Recumbent bike workout in the comments below.

Can You Give Us Tips & Suggestions For Elliptical Trainer

Not everyone has the time and schedule to take some time off to hit the GYM. While you have plans for other things, you are unable to make enough time for it. Due to many commitments, from professional to many personal fail to make sufficient time for the workout to get into the desired shape.

Currently, 67% of the employees who are working under multi-national companies are suffering from diabetes, cholesterol, Fatness and little blood circulation. These are one of the causes why you are slowing down at work. When you are maintaining a bad health and bad diet, then you will get weaker. According to the health department of the USA has revealed that those who do not work out every day get slower and their mind gets lazy. Your senses will not function normally.

Elliptical Trainer is one of the traditional machines, which are available at affordable prices in the market. These portable exercise devices are not only attractive, but they are known for quick results. There is no doubt that you can expect results from the machine within a week because if you are working out half an hour a day, then it will help you in losing weight and getting back your normal shape within few weeks of work out.

Can You Give Us Tips & Suggestions For Elliptical Trainer?

A lot of new users are now aware of things they should know about because they think it rather has the functions that will give them the shape they want but when you know the machine the better then you can get much better results. So we are going to help you with the Tips and Suggestions that can help you utilize the equipment at 100%, which will give you better results.

Tips & Suggestions

Below you can find some Fitness tips and suggestions from Fitnesstep1.com.

  • If you are someone who has a health condition, then it would be wise if you contact your doctor before you proceed with the exercise.
  • There are different types of equipment in the market but when you are buying a new machine ensure you are buying the one with heart rate monitor. When the heart rate monitor is enabled, you can check your heart rate, which will assist you understanding your heart rate then you can decide if you can go on with the workout or not.
  • While buying a new Elliptical Trainer, ensure you are purchasing a foldable or disassemble model because the reason one hind their popularity is that you can carry and store them somewhere in the house safely. They are known for portable fitness machine for Home Users.
  • Elliptical Trainer is not expensive, and you don’t have to break your vault to buy it. However, you can always invest a little more to get the equipment which comes with three or more years of warranty.
  • If you love accessories, then these Elliptical Trainer machine comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers, charging ports, smartphone carrier and more. Make, sure if you need them then make sure that you check it personally. 


If you are working out every day then that is a good progress but if you have an health condition then this is a risk. You should let your doctor know about your thoughts and plans for better advice. If you have any questions, the make sure to comment below to talk to our experts.